Kostas Rutkauskas

Kostas Rutkauskas

1985 ‒ ?

Kostas Rutkauskas is a portrait photographer. His style is immediately identifiable and reveals affinity for a certain kind of unpolished beauty. Driven by a passion for the youthfulness and allure of the female form, Kostas' explorations are often followed by the risqué connotations inspired by Helmut Newton and Juergen Teller.

He employs a raw, grungy style that leads to a noisy and imperfect image. His clear indifference to body shaming challenges idealistic pixel-perfect, superclean and thin female image portrayed in the modern tabloid media and pop culture fashion magazines.

Kostas uses fully mechanical cameras, shoots mostly on natural light and develops the film himself. His focus is persona, chaotic process and innate randomness over the tools and technical excellency. He prefers photographing his close friends or less conventional models.

Casually provocative, his rebellious approach aims to question the widespread alienation and censorship of the body in the social media. He is an advocate of a budget, minimal, lightweight art production process and is a big fan of Dogme95, Kaurismäki, and alikes.

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